Independent, freelancing acoustical consultant.

I'm Roopa

Independent, freelancing acoustical consultant. Music worshiper. Ex-technical writer in the IT industry. Brought alive by music, good reading, the occasional trip, and some writing. Amateur instrumentalist. Half-trained vocalist. Half-baked cook. Mother of a 10 month-old mischief monger. And therefore, former book lover.

The purpose of this blog is to make the reader aware of the wonderful science of acoustics, and the many dimensions on which our life is affected by it. Also, I’d like to make people aware that one doesn’t always have to put up with noise, and that it can do more damage to our quality of life and health than we think. Easy solutions are usually possible in foresight, and sometimes, even in hindsight.


The Team

Roopa Krishnamurthy

Acoustical consultant

Ava Johnson


Milla Vitch

Project Lead

Arnold Pettis