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Home Theater Acoustics

Now while we solve seemingly more complicated problems in large auditoria, integrated commercial and residential complexes, and critical listening spaces such as audiometric rooms and studios, home theaters deserve a mention because of the challenges presented by small rooms. There are two aspects to acoustical treatment for home theaters. Noise Isolation: To ensure there’re acceptable levels of sound going in and out of the HT room. Sound Colouration: The other is to treat the room to reduce colouration of sound […]

Myth Busting : NRC, and its cosmic significance

Here, many unsuspectingly enter into a spot. There are acoustical tiles available, whose “NRC” ratings are x, and people blindly assume higher the rating, more the absorption.  That is only true to an extent.  NRC itself is an average of the absorption at 4 different frequencies, and  inevitably, the performance of the acoustical tile at low frequencies is poorer than the stated NRC value.  Further, lab reports show that the shape of the tile has significant effect on the NRC […]

Acoustics for Schools and Colleges

I’m going to structure this post in an FAQ format. Q: We never had a problem with acoustics when we were growing up. Despite not having acoustically treated classrooms, we heard our teachers just fine.  Why worry about classroom acoustics now? Educational Institutes earlier did not have a few issues that they face now. Here’s what’s changed: Diminishing Playgrounds: The school I studied in had place for football, basketball, tennis, garden, swings for children, a huge auditorium, and even a […]

Thunderclaps in Your Ears

There is one rather disturbing aspect of road noise on the rise. It is that the soundscape in India has drastically changed in the last ten years alone, never mind my growing years. Post liberalization, and 10 years post that, with increasing affluence,  there are plenty of SUVs on the road. While engines have grown quieter (and dangerously so – I can’t hear cars creep up behind me on the road!),  horns have grown increasingly louder. It is not unusual to […]