Board Room

Saif Partners, Noida.

The Science of Sound. Translated.

Acoustical Consulting for home theaters, studios to airports and metro stations and everything in between.

What We Do.

Noise Surveys. EIA. Soundproofing. Building Noise Control. Speech Privacy. Speech Intelligibility Predictions.

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Surveys. Testing. Predictions. Quantification. Design.

Acoustical conditions. Made to order. By Design Intent. For Home Theaters. Studios. Banquet Halls. Hotels and hospitality. Commercial Spaces. Auditoria. Board Rooms. Open Offices. Cafeteria. Metro Stations. Airports. Libraries. Schools. Media Rooms. Listening Rooms. Classrooms and Lecture Halls. Theaters. Hospitals. DG Noise. Chiller Units. Residences. Listening Rooms. Gyms. Jam Rooms. Restaurants. Performing Spaces. Houses of Worship. Clubhouses.

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