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Types of Noise (Part 3): Noise in Office Spaces

This is part 3 of a multi-part article dealing with common sources of noise in the urban environment.  Part 1 talks about Community Noise, and Part 2 talks about Road Traffic Noise.  Now this may raise eyebrows, because a lot of us go to quiet, plush offices that don’t sound sharp or reverberant. The carpets provide absorption for both, footfalls and some amount of reverberation. Offices are supposed to be quiet anyways – if you’re talking, your boss won’t like […]

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Types of Noise (Part 2): Road Traffic Noise

 This is part 2 of a multi-part article that lists out common noise sources and their effects on the quality of our lives.  Part 1 deals with community noise.  Road Noise particularly deserves a separate blog post. This is the most common problem faced by independent houses, hospitals, auditoria,  independant small business offices, and even some large corporate offices in Bangalore. Scene 1: Cities grow. When people bought plots and built houses, they were located away from the noisy, bustling city center and […]

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