Well, Hello World!

Soundscape is the difference between trying to hear bird tweets in a city, and bird tweets in the countryside. This is not to say that cities are generally noisy. The soundscape is also the difference between a quiet boardroom and a noisy village classroom.

To start with the crusty, brusque definition, acoustics is the science of sound. This is about how sound moves around you. Why would you care? If the spoken word is important to you, or if music leaves you feeling blissful, you might be interested to ensure that car horns and rumbling vehicles don’t drown the more subtle aspects of your music.

Conversely, if you can hear every footstep of your neighbour on your ceiling, or if you wish to god drum kits were never invented, you might be interested to contact an acoustical consultant.

While the bulk of us largely ignore the soundscape around us and concentrate on the work at hand, soundscapes are so much a part of our lives that it’s easier to make some small improvements to them than use will power or unknowingly suffer attention lapses and raised blood pressure.

Quite simply, sound affects our mood.

And this is the corner of the internet where you’ll find my accounts of soundscapes I have seen, and of things we can do to change the soundscapes around us for the better.