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Bite -sized consults

That’s right. Our thoughtful response to the ever-so-subtle ‘you just see’, ‘can you take a look’, ‘what’s your opinion’, ‘what do you think’, ‘hey this has a lot of glass – what should I do’, etc. You get the drift. Essentially, for a fixed fee you get a explore early scenarios (or even late ones), and make informed design choices.

Why this?

The last year has been hard for the construction industry. As our organization grew, we ended up not taking up a lot of ‘boutique’ work that didn’t really need  full time engagement .  We realized that many a time we’re both happy (you spending less money, us spending less time) on getting the right solution to issues that are straightforward to a trained mind like ours. Hence single -window consults for those quick questions.

Now this is a new way to solve an old problem.

Also, Pandit Nehru would be proud to see how much DIY this lovely subject inspires, in keeping with his vision of everyone cultivating scientific temper. We often see things over-simplified, without scientific basis. Just because it eventually boils down to what a carpenter can execute.

How does this work? What’s the process?

  1. You fill up this quick google form here <https://forms.gle/SvaHU3q2K9p5BaLB6> providing us with the problem statement, dimensioned drawing  and pics, with a preference for what type of slot and when.
  2. We send you T and C and a pre-proposal questionnaire, list of input we need, and available slots.
  3. You fill that up, send it to us, and book the slot. We only accept upfront payments.
  4. You get slot details. We allow for up to one reschedule. You send us above mentioned input. Note, we’re not responsible to remind you of it, and if you get on the call without the input, we’ll still ask for it. If it isn’t handy, we can’t get back to you on that, but we’ll tell you what problems potentially that might pose.
  5. We get on call.
  6. You get a recording of the call, and /or email summary and/ or sketches as applicable.

What are the available formats?

  1. 2 hours, 20k. You can divvy this up anyway you like, over 2 slots, but we recommend half hour on phone for us to understand the site and your aesthetic preferences/budget/your priorities, then 1 hour for us on the design, and half hour on the phone again explaining the design to you. You get pics of detailed hand sketches, email summary, and a recording of our call.
  2. 10k for one hour. You get an email summary and a recording of our call.
  3. 5k for half an hour. We recommend this for follow up visits only, but even without time for calculations, our opinion in that half hour will still be better than that of anyone else around. You get a recording of our call.

In all the cases, if it becomes evident during the call that the problem isn’t straightforward and it mandates a detailed investigation, we’ll advise you of the same, and with your permission, we’ll stop the clock at 30 mins, refund you anything you paid in excess of 5k. And then send you a proposal for a full consult if you wish to go down that road.

All payments to made upfront. No refunds once the call starts.

What do you get from the discussion?

Guidance on the design approach, schematic of the cross sectional detail, appropriate materials and a schematic of  their correct layering, equivalent products, typical costing for each type of material, approximate quantification.

What don’t you get from the discussion?

Drawings, simulations, BoQs, Estimates, reports, detailed or exact costing, measurements and predictions, exact quantification.

I’m a visual person. Give me a flowchart of the process.

Here goes.

  • You fill up this short questionnaire. https://forms.gle/SvaHU3q2K9p5BaLB6
  • We get back to you with whether this qualifies for a quick consult, and if so, the available time slots and the input we’ll need.
  • You choose the timeslot. You deposit the fee, send us an email with the transaction ID.
  • We send you a confirmation email for the timeslot.
  • You send us the requested input at least 1 day before the scheduled meeting.
  • Scheduled meeting happens on zoom.
  • You get a recording and/or email summary, and/or hand sketches as applicable.

Flow chart here

What’s the risk? There has to be some catch.

Yes, there is. You get a technical solution – if you deviate from that, we wouldn’t know of it, and we’re then not responsible for the outcome. The only way to find out would be for us to ask you to rip it off and show us the cross sections.  If you want to find out why something isn’t working, you’ll need to book a slot again. Because that’s how sure we are of the solutions we give you.  You risk not having us on call during the execution, and we risk the design not being followed to the letter, then having things turning out weird and that reflecting on us because we all know how often things happen exactly according to design. 😐

If this works, why would I ever go for a full-fledged consult?

This doesn’t work for every case, and we’ll evaluate its technical eligibility to start with, before sending you slot details. This really only works for nice, rectangular, home theaters and corporate spaces, and some residential noise issues. True audiophiles or anyone who believes in the design process will usually know better than to go in for this. Now, years of experience and in-depth knowledge condensed into a small slot is still better than most other guesswork that we see around.  However, a full-fledged consult will have us on stand-by at all times during the construction. We bring up a project as though it was our baby, and we keep a watch on how things are turning out, we pitch in with alternatives when there are design changes or site constraints. None of that here.

What about GST?

This fee includes GST. (I know. You’re welcome!).  If you have a GST number, we’ll ask you fill that up in the questionnaire, and the same will be reflected in the invoice we send you after the call.

Where’s the accountability?

The solution we provide will be scientifically accurate, with the given input, and will withstand any technical scrutiny. We are also accountable to advise you of and educate you on the expected outcome and potential loopholes, so that there are no surprises. The rest of the accountability rests with you, to see that it is carried out as per specifications.

What do I do if after the discussion you tell me there’s no practical solution that meets my needs?

For as long as Newton’s laws work on this planet, there’re going to be physical limitations to what kind of soundproofing or acoustical quality you can achieve with a given combination of volume, finishes and shapes. Usually we”ll know of an impossible case looking at the input you’ve given us, and so we may not get on that call at all in such cases. In case we do get on a call, we’ll give you realistic numbers you can meet with the design you have in mind, and we’ll tell you how to improve those numbers. You’ll at least know what path not to go down on, for a fraction of what you’d be spending to find out about a hypothesis that really has 10 minutes of googling behind it.

Terms and Conditions

Soundscape India is not responsible for outcomes at any other site where the learnings from this session are applied (*cough*), where SOUNDSCAPE INDIA is not commercially engaged. The design provided is specific to the said PROJECT and SOUNDSCAPE INDIA assumes no responsibility for the outcome  of design that is replicated across rooms with even similar dimensions, even in the same project.

The CLIENT understands that this is an informed opinion, and not a substitute for detailed calculations and simulations that are mandated by certain projects. This will solve most issues and prevent many from occuring in the first place, and the client will be apprised of the issues that are not solved by the solution provided. The solution  will provide satisfactory results if properly installed. Soundscape India cannot assume any financial liability for improper installation.

The client also understands that the SOUNDSCAPE INDIA offers no project management services and will not be able to make site visits under this SCHEME, nor offer email support for any pictorial updates sent by the CLIENT after the session is over. SOUNDSCAPE INDIA will have to be engaged again by the CLIENT by booking another slot if the CLIENT wishes to get an opinion on the installation of mock up or construction progress or anything else.

Please email us at soundscapesofindia(at)gmail(dot)com for any further questions you may have.