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On Studying Acoustics

I’ve been often asked these questions by a host of people, and considering most of these conversations run into at least an hour if any justice is to be done, I thought writing down the basic information would be useful. This is by no means exhaustive, just a starting point. Scope of Acoustics  The most beautiful thing about acoustics is that it is a very multidisciplinary subject. There are fields coming together at all levels – pure math or pure […]


Now this deserves a mention because of the variation that exists here.  I’ve met people who’ve have told me that they’ve never done acoustical treatment at any place they’ve worked in, and their systems have always sounded excellent, and that the software we acousticians use to validate our estimates is only cosmetic, and is only for reporting purposes. I have no issues with their fond opinion. I only have an issue with the notion that it could be an absolute ‘opinion’. […]

Festival Acoustics: Quick Tip

This part of the recommendations is always free of cost. With everyone gearing up for the festive season, I’m only too happy to provide the name of a brand of ear plugs that I’ve found better than most others. dB Safe. Made of washable rubber, available at most medical stores for under Rs. 100,  works better than all the inefficient, memory foam stuff doing the rounds these days. Sturdy, washable piece. Please note, I’m not being paid by dB Safe or anyone to do this. […]

Acoustics for Lounges and Clubs

I’ve recently had a chance to look at a few of these projects not six months into my freelancing, and there’s plenty to be said here. Pubs and lounges have integrated themselves into the lifestyles of Bangaloreans for over 10 years now, and plenty of people spend the best part of their weekends catching up with friends and family at such places. This post is for a broad spectrum of audience – aimed at giving general information to people to […]

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Acoustics for Cinema Halls

The conventional movie theater is giving way to a huge mall, with plenty of retail outlets, and the top floors of such places are usually dedicated to a number of small halls replacing the conventional movie theater experience. The large theater had a very different acoustical characteristic and these small halls require a fairly different approach for acoustical treatment. I’ve worked on the PVR malls at Orion mall, and now at the Vega Mall, and some issues seem to be […]