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High Risk Category

The average human being faces decent amounts of exposure to these sounds. However the worst affected are our poor construction workers. The concrete mixers, carpenters, the ceramic tile cutters, the welders, the girls at the garment factory with the noisy sewing machines, stitching all day, the autorickshaw guys, facing 97 dB  from their own vehicles and that of others, etc. There are masonry workers who have to demolish first, who sometimes have to hammer away at tiles and concrete till […]

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Types of Noise (Part 1): Community Noise

This is a multi-part article, that deals with individual scenarios of noise we face in our daily lives. I will only mention cases that I have experienced personally, and that I think can easily be solved with some expert technical advice. The point I am making in this post, is about the irritating effect of daily whirrings and rumblings that we hear in the soundscapes surrounding us, and that these bring down the quality of our life by just that […]

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Why Worry About Noise?

Honestly. Aren’t we all used to random amounts of noise? Don’t we collectively accept noise as a part of the urban soundscape? Don’t we count noise as one of the experiences in our daily lives? Why else would the phrase ‘sights, sounds and smells of the city’ be so commonplace? Are you acousticians expecting to make the whole world deathly quiet and get paid for it too? I mean, nobody ever died because something was too loud. To start with, […]


Well, Hello World! Soundscape is the difference between trying to hear bird tweets in a city, and bird tweets in the countryside. This is not to say that cities are generally noisy. The soundscape is also the difference between a quiet boardroom and a noisy village classroom. To start with the crusty, brusque definition, acoustics is the science of sound. This is about how sound moves around you. Why would you care? If the spoken word is important to you, […]